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The Growth of 3D Rendering Software Market

The growth in Architectural Rendering Services can be seen in a broader context within the realms of the 3D rendering software market. The market for 3D rendering software is growing at a rapid rate with an estimated global Market Worth of US $4,068.8 Mn by 2025. It has been suggested that along with architectural rendering services the media and entertainment sectors are behind a lot of the drive in this growth. More broadly the growth is due to increasing demand and expectation for rendered visualisations and virtual models.

The Advantages of Architectural Visualization

Architectural Visualisation is a technological revolution that allows designers to turn images of a building project into a proposed vision of the completed project. 3D rendering is essentially the modern version of a hand-drawn architectural design. However, in the past this would often lead to miscommunication and delays, as designers would meet with developers and have to discuss the project making revisions until they had a completed design. Architectural Visualisations has almost completely resolved this problem as changes can be made quickly and often in real-time. 3D rendering is already becoming a significant component of the structural and real estate market. The use of 3D rendering started with more significant projects initially and had since moved to smaller scale projects real estate projects. Now as 3D rendering is becoming more of the norm on smaller scale developments, it’s becoming somewhat of an expectation from clients within the real estate market.


Higher Demand for Photorealistic Rendering

The demand for high-level graphics and visual presentation directly correlates with the growth in the need for 3D rendering software. Whereas previously large scale developers would use 3D rendering as a futuristic way to dazzle their clients nowadays local estate agents are using 3D rendering services to demonstrate how a derelict building would look like after being renovated. With smaller businesses demanding 3D rendering services it’s easy to see how the 3D rendering has evolved from a high-end niche industry into a cornerstone component of the real estate market throughout the Western World.

The Future of Architectural Rendering

There are few architects nowadays that are unaware of architectural rendering, with an increasing number of architects utilising rendering software throughout the world. However, it is possible to argue that 3D rendering software is taking some of the work away from architects and putting it into that hands of technology as an increasing number of developers are utilising 3D rendering services in house. Regardless of the effects on the architectural job market, the industry as a whole is being revolutionised by 3D rendering software and will have a profound impact on the way buildings are renovated and built in the future as the technology progresses.


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