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Why 3D Rendering Is Great For the Estate Agents?

3D Rendering services are becoming more and more popular within the real estate market every year. Traditionally its popularity originates from high-level development projects but with advancements in the technology of 3D rendering along with the lowered cost of computer processing power the service is becoming more and more accessible to wider society. Estate agents are one of the newest adopters of 3D rendering services, that’s why we at Visual Trick as a 3D rendering company thought it would be a good idea to write an article on why 3D rendering is great for estate agents.

Marketing Property during Renovation

Quite often properties will be in need of a lot of renovation work when a tenant vacates a property, and the owner wants to sell. One option is to complete the renovation and then place the property on the market when finished, this, however, will lead to a substantial amount of time between finishing the restoration and selling the property. Another option would be to utilise an artist’s impression employing 3D rendered images and placing the property on the market during renovation and merely stating the property is available when the renovation is complete. This will give you more time to build up interest and enquiries from prospective clients. Your client may even wish to sell their property as a “fixer-upper”, many people are apprehensive of buying this kind of property in part because they have no idea what the property would look like once finished, which is where 3D rendering is especially beneficial as you can demonstrate to potential buyers what the property could potentially look like.

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How Different Types of 3D Rendering Apply to Estate Agents

There are many different types of 3D rendering services all of which are appropriate to the estate agent market. Firstly exterior rendering is excellent for any property that is going through renovation work or has not yet been built as it will demonstrate where new features such as windows & doors will be placed as well as showcasing a visual impression of what driveways and gardens will look like after the project is complete. When selling a property often it is empty without any furnishings for prospective buyers that want to view the property this becomes a problem as they cannot visualise where all of their furnishings and white goods need to be placed, this can lead to unnecessary concerns about space which in turn can lead to a property going unsold. With interior 3D rendering, you can show exactly what your property will look like with detailed furnishings that look as good as the real thing. One of the most appropriate forms of rendering for all estate agents would be floor plan rendering; whether that’s 2D or 3D, rendered floor plans are likely to make a lasting impression on prospective clients. Unlike interior and external rendering, rendered floor plans are suitable for fully furnished properties that are not in any need of renovation. Rendered floor plans demonstrate the space of every room in the building with high-quality graphics furnishings which help give prospective clients an idea of for spacing of each room in a way that even visiting the property would not. Finally, there are 360 Virtual Tours which will give your prospective clients and immersive experience of what the property will look like without ever having to visit. This removes a lot of time-wasters from the viewings and ensures that your only receiving high-quality leads, the technological display will also turn prospective clients who perhaps were apprehensive and wouldn’t have been interested in the property into qualified leads.

Selling the Hard Sell Properties

All real estate agents will encounter properties that are particularly difficult to sell, creating high-quality rendered images with of the potential of a property along with an immersive experience will turn buildings that had little chance of sale into sold properties in no time. Housing more many nowadays is not very affordable & prospective house buyers want to be certain before purchasing property in a way that they were not before, 3D rendering provides clarity to your potential buyers. Expectations are also changing whereas before people would pop into a few of their local estate agents, have a chat with the staff and find the most appropriate property nowadays they’re using comparison tools and going through every estate agent in the entire country. As technology advances so do the competition and as the competition advances so does client’s expectations. If your competition is already using 3d rendering services, it’s time to compete on the same level as them, if they are not that’s even better as you’ll have to opportunity to take the competitive edge over them.

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